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Treatment of end stage renal disease - Different modalities

Dialysis is a way of replacing the function of the kidneys; it cleans and filters your blood by getting rid of waste, extra salt and fluids and keeps the blood pressure and electrolytes, such as potassium, sodium and chloride in balance.

Some of these treatment types are only suitable for certain patients and not all treatments are available at every renal care center.

There are three main types of treatment for renal end stage failure:

To decide which treatment option is best for you, various medical, social and psychological factors have to be considered. Your doctor will help you and give you advice on choosing the most adequate treatment modality for you.



Video treatment modalities

There are three main types of treatment modalities. more

Learn as much as possible about all treatments options to become an educated and active patient.

Consider your habits and lifestyle when choosing your optimal treatment options. Please consult your doctor or healthcare team.

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