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Hemodialysis (HD)

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Hemodialysis uses a dialyzer to clean your blood.

Hemodialysis cleans your blood using a special filter called dialyzer.Those who opt for this treatment have a vascular access, an AV fistula, created during a minor surgical procedure. After the surgery, it takes several weeks or months until the AV fistula has healed and is fully functional. This access makes it easy to channel the blood to the dialyzer and back into the body via a system of tubes.


During treatment, the blood is cleaned in the dialyzer. The cleaning procedure does not cause any pain. Depending on your medical history, you will usually undergo hemodialysis three times a week with an average duration of 4-5 hours.



  • You are completely free on the days between dialysis sessions and need not to worry about treatment.
  • Thanks to modern technology, blood purification is gentler and more effective.
  • Treatment usually takes place in a renal care center.

Video principle of Hemodialysis

The flow scheme shows the progression of the dialysis circuit outside of the body. more

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