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  • The city of Cadiz is situated on the bay of the same name. It is the southern most provincial capital in Spain. Aside from magnificent beaches and a privileged climate, it offers a highly interesting mixture of history, culture, architecture and landscape. It is the most ancient city still standing in Western Europe and the starting point for some of Christopher Columbus's voyages of discovery to America.


    Tourist attractions in the town and surrounding areas


    The new cathedral: 18th century building of Neoclassical Baroque design. It is home to the Cathedral Museum with a wealth of exhibits. Manuel de Falla, the famous composer from Cadiz, is buried there.

    Tavira tower: 18th century watchtower that offers one of the bests views of Cádiz. It is the highest point in the old town at 45 meters above the sea level. There is a Camera Obscura installed in the tower showing 360º live pictures of the city.

    San Felipe Neri Oratorio: Built in the 17th Century. A painting of the Immaculate Conception by Muríllo is part of the high altar. This church was the home of the Spanish parliament in Cadiz in 1812 where the first Spanish constitution was drawn up.

    Santa Catalina castle: 16th century fortress located in the northern side of La Caleta beach, in front of the San Sebastian castle in the city of Cádiz. The visit to the castle is free.


  • Our recommendations


    1) Hotel Tryp La Caleta, Avenida Amilcar Barca on the corner of Doctor Fleming, 11009 Cádiz  - distance to dialysis center 0,2 km
    It is located right on the well known beach of Playa de Victoria, some 2,5 km (30 minutes on foot) from the historic center of Cadiz.


    2) Hotel Playa Victoria, Plaza Ingeniero La Cierva 4, 11010  Cádiz  - distance to dialysis center: 0,5 km
    Information: Hotel with direct access to the Playa de Victoria beach. Their rooms have private terrace and sea view. 


  • Dialysis Center:

    B. Braun Avitum Servicios Renales S.A.
    Calle Almirante Vierna, 20
    11009 Cádiz
    Teléfono: +(34) 956 265 900
    Fax: +(34) 956 265 908

    Phone: + (34) 93 582 95 40
    Contact: Sara Bertran

    Types of treatments: Hemodialysis

    Dialysis equipment:  Dialog +

    Languages:  Spanish and English

    Distance to main railway station:  4 km

    Distance to city center:  1 mile

    Nearest hospital:  Puerta del Mar Hospital

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