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Additional Support

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We focus on what’s essential. And on everything around it.

Medical and therapeutic expertise, and personal attention given by our nursing professionals, form the basis of the high quality patient care that dialysis patients can depend on, and which ensures a higher quality of life. But at B. Braun Avitum our focus is not just on the patient during the dialysis treatment but also before and after.


In the phase prior to dialysis called pre-dialysis, patients have the chance, in most countries, to have all their questions answered including a meeting with the physician. Answers are provided to questions such as “What is the right dialysis treatment for me?” or “How should I best organize my life as a dialysis patient?”.

B. Braun Avitum provides comprehensive counseling in addition to the basic services covered by public health insurance in order to agree the best treatment option for each individual patient.


The subject of nutrition prior to dialysis is also a focus during the pre-dialysis phase. Appropriate nutrition is very important and, together with the proper dialysis treatment and medication support, a key component of the overall therapy. The B. Braun Avitum nutrition counselors play an important part by giving advice to patients on all aspects of nutrition.


As the operator of renal care centers, we work together with the local transplantation organizations. Our personnel explaining to patients about the risks connected with a kidney transplant operation and when transplantation cannot be considered for medical reasons.

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