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Continuous improvement

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We work on making dialysis better. Every day.

For us, a key part of “continuous improvement” is sharing knowledge and learning from each other.


Through surveys and analysis of our patients’ quality of life and levels of satisfaction, we learn, for example, how to align our products and therapy systems even better to the needs of the individuals we serve.


To identify potential for improvement and to integrate this into our work, we have established an ongoing process of exchange within our international network of renal care centers. This is what we mean when we say “Networking at its best”.


With over thirty years experience in extracorporeal blood treatment, B. Braun Avitum always keeps its focus on what is most important: the individual and his or her special requirements and needs.


With our unique combination of products and services we create added value for all the patients we serve and make a real contribution to improve their quality of life and life expectancy.


Our dedicated and inquiring employees work each day to improve processes and to develop new materials which support more effective dialysis. They are thinking about important dialysis-related questions such as how to reduce related diseases and malnutrition and how to make dialysis therapies both more tolerable and more efficient.


Because life is there to be lived.

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