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We have compiled comprehensive information relating to renal failure and dialysis in this section.

Hearing the phrase ‘renal failure’ can be a confusing and frightening moment. It is normal that lots of question will come to mind: What will happen to me? What are the actual effects of renal failure? How can I cope with the problem?

By obtaining comprehensive information about kidney function, renal failure, the course of the disease and treatment options, it is much easier to cope with the renal failure and the related challenges in daily life.

We have compiled valuable information for you on renal disease and dialysis in this section. You will also find delicious recipes, information on travel destinations and useful tips that will help you maintain your quality of life.

Additionally, your healthcare team will provide you with support and all information you need.


Video library

Please find a collection of videos on important topics with information about the kidneys. more


Here you will find plenty of delicious recipe ideas for dialysis patients as well as lots of tips and tricks. more

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